/Dallas to Los Angeles | Flight Report
Dallas Fort Worth to Los Angeles

Dallas to Los Angeles | Flight Report

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Dallas to Los Angeles in a 787 Dreamliner was an awesome experience!

I was extremely surprised for American to be offering such a big and comfortable plane for such a short route. It was to my amazement that the flight was full as I am use to flying in much smaller aircraft for domestic flights.

I’ve haven’t had many great experiences with American but this one definitely made them stand out. The 787 offers such a comfortable cabin that its extremely enjoyable to fly in. It is quite, spacious and comfortable. All topped off with state of the start technology.

Unfortunately no full meal service was served. Only light snacks, pretzels and cookies. Non-Alcoholic drinks are complimentary but I decided to get a gin and tonic instead.

Cabin was extremely clean and the staff was great throughout the entirety of my travel experience. I usually don’t recommend American, but if you have the chance. You should definitely check out their Dreamliner product.

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— Flight Details —
Total ticket price per person: $130.20
DFW-LAX 08/15/2018Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 787 “Dreamliner”
Seat: 15L
Flight #: AA-14058
Route: DFW-LAX
Flown: 08/15/2018