/Los Angeles to Tokyo | Flight Report
Los Angeles To Tokyo Haneda

Los Angeles to Tokyo | Flight Report

Flying from Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Tokyo, Japan (HND)

Early morning flights are a blessing out of Los Angeles. You get to skip most of the traffic and are usually in a very calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Today we will be flying Delta Airlines to Tokyo Haneda Non-Stop. Our flight departs out of Tom Bradley International Terminal. But Delta does not operate any Check-In counters at Tom Bradley. Please be aware and do not go directly to Tom Bradley. Check your Delta Application and it should say the check-in Terminal. For us this trip it was Terminal 2.

In Yellow: Path from Terminal 2, SkyClub to Tom Bradley

Terminal 2 and 3 have baggage drop and due to recent construction it can be a mess to transfer between on and the other. Thanks to Gold Medallion status. I was able to go through the SkyPriority line and quickly check in. I was also upgraded to Comfort+ free of charge. On a long haul flight like this one, Comfort+ would run you around $250USD! It was definitely a great surprise. Gold Medallion also has free access to Delta SkyClub Lounges.

There are located in Terminal 2 and 3. There are no lounges at Tom Bradley so make sure to take advantage of this perk before taking the shuttle bus from your Terminal to Tom Bradley.

Entry to the SkyClub was easy and it was not crowded. Breakfast was being served and it was quite appetizing. The SkyClub also offers showers and an open bar. It has great views of the northern side of LAX as well!

Make sure to leave with enough time as the shuttle from Terminal 2 can take 15-20 minutes, and the walk is not short. Once at Tom Bradley we were able to proceed with boarding on time and once the door was shut we were ready to go. But did we?

Unfortunately the wind had changed and we would have needed a longer runway to achieve the same lift. We were considered over weight and we were unable to proceed with taxi until either the wind changed again or we unloaded some cargo. After some waiting and noticing the wind was not going to be on our favor. Some items from the cargo hold had to be unloaded. This resulted in a delay of about 1 hour and 20 minutes but once that happened we were ready to roll.

Our taxi route was a little bit confusing as we taxied into the southern part of the airport, then did a U-Turn and went back to the northern side to finally be cleared for take off on runway 24L. After this the flight went without a problem. Delta staff was incredibly attentive and their product delivered incredible well. Being in Comfort+ really makes a difference in leg room, 3 inches may not sound as much but after the 5th hour you really start to appreciate it.

In Green: Our Taxi Route

We started our descent into Tokyo with overcast and at times we were able to see Mt. Fuji in the distance.

It was a great flight experience and definitely recommend it for feature endeavors.

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more videos.

Hope you guys enjoyed this FlyWithMe! flight report, I am new to this and trying various things so please feel free to give constructive criticism and ideas.
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In Yellow: Selected Seat 14J Comfort+

— Flight Details —
LAX-HND 10/03/2018 Delta Airlines
Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Seat: 14J, Comfort+
Flight #: DL-7
Route: Los Angeles, CA (LAX) – (HND) Tokyo Haneda, Japan
Flown: 10/03/2018